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Many a times Moinu has featured in various TV channels and different news papers both in India and Middle East. You can view him in the channels by clicking here.


He has done his degree in Law from the University of Calicut. Because of his tremendous passion towards psychology, deep quest for happiness and success, self-help books, trainings, motivational classes, the lawyer turned to be an exciting and life changing trainer.

He has completed several intense in-house courses, trainings and direct coaching in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), TA psychology, CBT, REBT, Counselling, Psychotherapy, ESP, Meditation, Yoga, Pranic Healing, Hypnotherapy, Theta Healing, Silva Ultra mind system and much more from several experiential masters both from India and abroad. He has 23 years of experience in his field.

He is the founder of successvalley - a private limited company specializing in success, abundance, happiness and fulfilment in all areas of human life.

Moinu has helped thousands of people over the last 23 years to untap the inner potentials and live in alignment with their true inner treasures – so they experience tremendous confidence, enjoy deeper happiness feel more love, attract more health and wealth and so on and on.

Through a deeper understanding of mind and inner energy system, Moinu helps you break through your inner hidden blocks and unleash your inner treasures, create a powerful intuitive awareness, giving you a unique edge in your personal and professional growth.